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Recipe for Preparing Olives

Recipe for Preparing Olives This year we picked enough Halkidiki olives to fill nine 2.5 liter and two 1 liter containers of olives. I call these olives “little taters” because they’re so huge. Two people could share one olive and … Continue reading

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Olive Harvest 2011 – Vatopedi, Halkidiki, Greece

September 20, 2011 The olive pickers are here. Sounds are amplified on the hill where we live amidst quiet olive tree heaven, so early one morning last week we heard a large truck rattling up a nearby dirt road, and … Continue reading

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Treasured Greek Home Remedies

My mother-in-law Vera passed along to me some valuable home remedies that really work when you don’t have access to store-bought medicines. Upset tummy:  Swallow a few olive pits (have someone else eat the olive, rinse the pits, and swallow). … Continue reading

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My Olive Tree

 My favorite tree is the olive tree, the Halkidiki olive tree that produces the largest olives in Greece. Olive trees predominate the rural countryside in Sithonia, the middle peninsula of the Halkidiki (sometimes written Chalkidiki) province. Olive trees that produce … Continue reading

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