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Do you want some coffee with those fish?

I sometimes complain about the way Greeks conduct business. “Do you want a receipt with that? If so, it’ll be 25 euros. If not, it’ll be 18 euros,” they shrug. Or maybe they charge you for 2 kilos of tomatoes … Continue reading

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Recipe for Preparing Olives

Recipe for Preparing Olives This year we picked enough Halkidiki olives to fill nine 2.5 liter and two 1 liter containers of olives. I call these olives “little taters” because they’re so huge. Two people could share one olive and … Continue reading

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If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers….

Make your own pickled peppers…Easy! You will need: –a bunch of medium sized banana peppers and/or small thin skinned peppers –red wine or apple cider vinegar –salt –one head of garlic –one bouquet of broad leaf parsley –olive oil In … Continue reading

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Too many zucchini!

Too many zucchini! Here is a quick and easy casserole to make if you’re asking yourself, “What do I do with all these zucchini?” In a fairly large casserole dish, slice 5-7 medium sized zucchinis, 1-2 sliced onions, a couple … Continue reading

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What to do with all that apricot jam? Make Pasta Flora!

I made all this apricot jam. Now what? Make Pasta Flora!  My mother-in-law used to make too much apricot jam when her four grandchildren from America went to visit for the summer in Greece. She was disappointed they didn’t eat … Continue reading

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Apricot Jam

 The apricot tree is empty now. I made 4 batches of apricot jam this week. The recipe is simple. Fortunately, apricots have pectin, so you just need 8 cups of ripe apricots (remove pit and pull apart), 6 cups or … Continue reading

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Greek Carrots

I read about some carrot recipes on NPR today, and they all looked good; however, NPR did not include my sister-in-law’s special garlicky carrots. Boil one package of baby carrots until tender. Drain and immediately add 2 cloves of minced … Continue reading

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