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Do you want some coffee with those fish?

I sometimes complain about the way Greeks conduct business. “Do you want a receipt with that? If so, it’ll be 25 euros. If not, it’ll be 18 euros,” they shrug. Or maybe they charge you for 2 kilos of tomatoes … Continue reading

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Let’s start with vinegar….

  We have 20 vines of grapes, 10 Merlot and 10 Sultanina (seedless green), and there’s only so many grapes two people can eat. Our neighbor Katerina suggested we make wine vinegar, and this is her recipe. 1. Pick the … Continue reading

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Recipe for Preparing Olives

Recipe for Preparing Olives This year we picked enough Halkidiki olives to fill nine 2.5 liter and two 1 liter containers of olives. I call these olives “little taters” because they’re so huge. Two people could share one olive and … Continue reading

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If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers….

Make your own pickled peppers…Easy! You will need: –a bunch of medium sized banana peppers and/or small thin skinned peppers –red wine or apple cider vinegar –salt –one head of garlic –one bouquet of broad leaf parsley –olive oil In … Continue reading

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Too many zucchini!

Too many zucchini! Here is a quick and easy casserole to make if you’re asking yourself, “What do I do with all these zucchini?” In a fairly large casserole dish, slice 5-7 medium sized zucchinis, 1-2 sliced onions, a couple … Continue reading

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Make your own word cloud

I just discovered a wonderful website where you can make your own word cloud. I chose this blog’s words to be formed into a bird. You can choose other shapes, text, and colors and save it to use as you … Continue reading

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Helidonia (swallows)

Helidonia (swallows) live with us. When we lived upstairs, these helidonia built their architecturally sound and so efficient nests under the eaves. But when we moved downstairs to more spacious living area, we did not frequent the upstairs veranda area … Continue reading

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