Helidonia (swallows)

Helidonia (swallows) live with us. When we lived upstairs, these helidonia built their architecturally sound and so efficient nests under the eaves. But when we moved downstairs to more spacious living area, we did not frequent the upstairs veranda area very often except to retrieve one more glass or to store something in the freezer. And the helidonia population dwindled. We didn’t know why. We still see them from time to time and their nests still populate one side or our house, but they no longer build their nests above the sliding glass door we opened 100 times a day. There is less helidonia poop to clean up, but we miss our birdie friends.

A neighbor sat drinking a cup of coffee with us one evening last week and asked about our helidonia. He told us that they like to build their nests and live where people live. They interact with people. The more the merrier! When we moved away, they moved away, too. Interesting phenomenon.

The other bird population we have here is the sparrow who builds nests inside our ceramic roof tiles.

Each morning we are awakened by the trill, whoop, tweet and joy of helidonia and sparrows and more birds…as yet unidentified.

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