Pomegranate Juice Becomes Ruby Liqueur

pomegranateToday Yianni and I removed the seeds from about 8 pomegranates our neighbor gave us. His trees had a problem with most of the pomegranates splitting open, so he gathered all of them.

Last evening at a gathering at his house, we talked about different ways we could use the juice. The Swiss doctor (he’s Greek but lives in Switzerland, so he’s the Swiss doctor just as Yianni is Greek but lived in the US, so he’s the Amerikanos) said that he mixed half pomegranate juice and half Greek Metaxa brandy into bottles and served as a liqueur.   My friend Sherry’s recipe from her son’s girlfriend Marina is this:  Add 1/2 liter juice to 3 cups sugar and a cinnamon stick in a large bottle. Place in the sun for 20-40 days. Then add half as much vodka to the juice mixture. Ready to serve!

pomegranate2After we removed the seeds, I used my upright mixer and pulverized seeds. I then used some netting leftover from wedding boubounieres to strain the juice from the pulp into a large casserole pot. If you don’t have such a mixer, cut the pomegranate in half and squeeze it as you would a lemon or orange half.  I made enough to make two bottles of ruby liqueur–Yianni just put them on the gazebo’s roof to absorb the Greek sun. Let’s see what 20 days will bring us!pomegranate4

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