Yianni mou, to mandili sou….

(2005) Taken from the peninsula Sithonia looking
across to the peninsula Kassandra, Halkidiki in
northern Greece. The pelican’s name is Yiorgos.
Sung by Domna Samiou  https://youtu.be/HGlG7bHdUg4

Your Kerchief, Yianni (Epirus)

Your kerchief, Yianni, dearest love, why is it soiled and dirty?
–Come, Yanno, come, Yiannaki dear, come now my handsome fellow.

It was soiled while I was far from home, in distant lonely places.
O Mother dear, they stole my heart, they stole my heart quite away.
Five rivers tried to wash it clean, all five took on its color.

–Come, Yanno, come, Yiannaki dear.
And they in turn did dye the sea and all the ships that sailed it.
–Come, Yanno, come, Yiannaki dear, come now my handsome fellow.

This is a fine example of songs about living in foreign lands, i.e. xenetia. Every one of these laments will break your heart.

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  1. Amanda says:

    beautiful music from epirus……thank you for sharing this.

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