Orange Coffee Liqueur

It’s past time to begin your holiday easy orange coffee liqueur.  This recipe is the traditional European “44.”

  • Wash and dry a juicy orange. Slice almost to the center of the orange about 4-5 times.
  • Push in 44 coffee beans into the slits.
  • Place the coffee beaned orange into a quart size jar.
  • Add 44 sugar cubes or 12 tablespoons of sugar.
  • Cover with 1 quart vodka.
  • Put on the lid and turn upside down a few times to dissolve the sugar.
  • Store for 44 days (see why we’re late making this?) in a cool dark place.
  • When done, strain through a paper coffee filter into a decanter or pretty bottle. Discard the orange and coffee beans.

See my other recipe for making cherry and pomegranate liqueurs (2008)!

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