Hondo Valley and Peter Hurd

a cloudy day in the hondo valley“A Cloudy Day in the Hondo Valley” by Peter Hurd

Born in Roswell, New Mexico, Peter Hurd was an artist who lived in San Patricio located in the Hondo Valley of southeastern New Mexico. He was married to artist Henriette Wyeth and son-in-law of N.C. Wyeth.
Most of his paintings are landscapes, however, he was commissioned by Lyndon B. Johnson to paint his portrait. Upon seeing it for the first time, Johnson is reported to have called it “the ugliest thing I ever saw.” Hurd’s portrait of Johnson now hangs in the National Portrait Gallery of the Smithsonian Insitution.
Having grown up in Roswell myself, I remember several of Peter Hurd’s prints hanging in our home. I especially remember “The Oasis” shown here. Seeing the landscapes of the Hondo Valley makes me homesick for the colors and big sky of New Mexico.

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